Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Producer & Director: Eskil Hardt

Camera: Esben Hardt

Content: Eskil Hardt & Lars Fogh Mortensen

Ace & Ace was responsible for producing visual branding content for the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF – now P4G), a prestigious conference on Green Growth organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

We produced the branding film “A Call to Green Action” promoting the conference.

During the conference we produced 2 daily News Feed, which we distributed to more than 250 editorial media outlets around the world and also to Associated Press TV.

Furthermore, we produced 7 films, using 27 video interviews made with global leaders during the conference.

Films produced:

# Why 3GF?
# Why Public-Private Partnerships?
# Why Global Green Growth?
# Why Off-Grid Energy?
# Why Sustainable Apparel?
# Why Valuing Nature in Business?
# Why Tackling Food Waste?

Press release:

Watch, Use, Share: New 3GF videos making the case for green growth.

In newly released videos leading 3GF partners are making the compelling case for why “green” and “growth” have to go together and how collaborative partnerships between public and private actors are paving the way for solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.