Client: UNEP & EEA (European Environment Agency)

Producer & Director: Eskil Hardt

Camera: Esben Hardt (DOP), Eskil Hardt (B-cam)

Ace & Ace produced this short film about the accelerating melting of the Arctic as part of our Planet RE:think feature documentary.

We are experts in climate change film production in Greenland & the Arctic. We have for 20 years been documenting the melting of the Greenland ice sheet, the polar sea ice decrease, the melting Arctic, and the environmental impact from our changing climate.
Ever since our first trip to Greenland back in the 90’s we have been first-hand witnesses to how fast climate change is happening in the Arctic. 
Since then, we have produced a large number of campaign films, television shows and information videos on climate change and sustainable stories. We are based in Denmark.

The melting of the Arctic is rapidly accelerating – because of climate change!

The rate of ice loss has risen seven-fold, from 33 billion tonnes per year in the 1990s to 254 billion tonnes per year in the last decade. 
To give an idea of the numbers, this is roughly equivalent to 100.000.000 Olympic-sized swimming pools of water – one hundred millions pools of water contributing to sea-level rise annually!
As the ice melts into the ocean, it raises the sea level around the world, causing flooding and other damage to coastal communities.
“Even a small increase in sea level can have devastating effects on ports and coastal zones, cause destructive erosion, wetland flooding, and aquifer and agricultural soil contamination with salt,” said Erik Ivins, a climate scientist from the IMBI team.
However, “The ice loss this year was more like 370 billion tonnes” according to Dr. Mottram a climate scientist from the IMBI team.

See more info about the scientific evidence here;