Client: DR1 TV-Sporten (National Channel of Denmark)

Ace & Ace developed and produced this film for DR1 TV-Sporten when the Danish Freediving team were favorites to win the Freediving World Championships in Egypt.

The team with three Danish freedivers is led by the super human freediving world champion, Stig Severinsen, who is also known as “The Man Who Doesn’t Breathe” (another show that Ace & Ace produced for Discovery UK).

The three Danes are following a stringent plan to not over accomplish and fail on penalties with a sequence of deep dives of 60 m, 64 m, and 82 m). This is unfortunately not enough for winning the competition, as Martin Štěpánek from Czech Republic spectacularly breaks the world record and dives to 100 meters.

But Stig is the reigning world champion in Static Apnea and can hold his breath for over 7 minutes. He hopes they can still win the competition by performing really well in this event.