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Planet RE:think

Today we are facing not one, but two global crises: the financial crisis,
and the more insidious one relating to our misuse of natural resources.
The two are so tightly linked that we will not solve the global financial
crisis until we start re-thinking how we can use resources more efficiently
and sustainably.
For example with each smart phone made, more than 50 minerals are
exploited and our growing dependence on these finite resources for
new technology, will only deepen the financial crisis as prices increase
A potential battleground for the future has been laid, as
these resources become more and more scarce. Planet RE:think
investigates where we are failing and gives hope to a future on a planet
with finite resources. Visit the official website of the film here:

Trailer Planet RE:think from aceandace on Vimeo.

“Hopefully our film will encourage the world to shift in a new direction, where the individual thinks more about the use of our resources. The way the world works today is simply not sustainable, and over time it will cause even greater problems.
However, the good news is, we can change this with relatively simple means and with a new mindset – welcome to Planet RE:think”.

Eskil Hardt, Producer & Director

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