Mad Mike burns rubber in Vejle

Ace & Ace has produced a number of new films for Red Bull. Check out pro-drifting world champion Mad Mike tackling an old race course along the idyllic roads of Vejle in Denmark in his custom-built 1.200hp twin-turbo Mazda MX5. Additionally the films are used for a Red Bull sales campaign in Denmark in co-operation with Circle K.

The films are produced by Ace & Ace in co-production with Thomas Fink.


Mike Whiddett, better known as Mad Mike, welcomes the shift in seasons with a spectacular Sunday trip in his drift racer ’RADBUL’, as he unleashes 1,200bhp on narrow roads in Denmark. Whiddett is known as the one of the best drifters in the world. With unbelievable precision, he forces ‘RADBUL’ through turns where the rear end almost kisses the crash barriers. The development of the car has taken more than a thousand hours. It has been built from scratch and all features are based on thorough data-collecting processes explaining how the ultimate performance can be achieved. The goal from the very start was to build the best drifting car ever seen. Of course, it takes more than a supernatural car to win one trophy after another. But that was the smallest problem. Whiddett is arguably to drifting what Tony Hawk was to pro skateboarding. When you get featured in Need for Speed you know you’ve made it. He has an unstoppable urge to test the impossible, which means Whiddett sets the standards for his sport year after year and if he finds a new spot to test – it’s only a question of time. “It’s wild and very hard to drive. So you have to be really focused to stay on the road.” – Mad Mike

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