Client: Visit Greenland (National Tourism Board)

Ace & Ace has developed and produced 20+ films for Visit Greenland, the National tourism board of Greenland.

We are particularly proud of the Whales-film in which we managed to get really, really close to a friendly whale in Greenland. Although they used to get hunted you can see Humpback-, Minke-, and Fin whales quite regularly in Greenland.

“Suddenly comes the unmistakable sound of a whale exhaling at the water’s surface, and you, too, exhale at the beauty.

Whether this is your first or fifth whale watching experience, seeing such a magnificent creature right before your eyes can be overwhelming. Though you probably only see a fraction of the whale’s body, you just know that you are tiny in comparison and that humans are not paramount in this world.”

More info on Whale watching in Greenland here: