Client: UNEP & European Environment Agency

Co-production with UNEP and the European Environment Agency.

This award-winning feature-length documentary on sustainability was developed and produced by Ace & Ace. It is co-produced by United Nations (UNEP International Resource Panel) and the European Environment Agency.
The feature documentary has won several international Awards, and keeps getting selected and invited to film festivals around the world. The film has also been broadcast in 30+ countries and is globally distributed by TVF International, a London based Factual Documentary TV-distributor. Also, the film is available on iTunes and Amazon in English, German and Spanish speaking countries. In addition, it is distributed for educational purposes.
The movie has its own website, a Facebook profile and a Twitter profile, maintaining interest in the film and its content.
Various reviews;
Where FOOD INC stops, Planet RE:think continues!
• “The German Film and Media Review Board (FBW) awards Planet RE:think the recognition: “A Convincing
Documentary Worthy of our “Wertvoll” Stamp”!
• “Planet RE:think shows why human kind must RE:think. An important film.” (Utopia)
See the film on demand on iTunes or Amazon: 
RE:duce, RE:use, RE:cycle, RE:source – Planet RE:think.

Today we are facing not one, but two global crises: the financial crisis, and the more insidious one relating to our misuse of natural resources. The two are so tightly linked that we will not solve the global financial crisis until we start re-thinking how we can use resources more efficiently and sustainably. Planet RE:think investigates where we are failing and gives hope to a future on a planet with finite resources.



Produced by
Ace & Ace

Executive Producer
European Environment Agency

in co-operation with
UNEP International Resource Panel

Producer & Director
Eskil Hardt

Adrian Beard

Additional Editor
Stefan Mørk

Richard Derrington

Director of Photography
Esben Hardt

Animation Graphics

Adam Leah

Eskil Hardt
Jacqueline McGlade, Executive Director of EEA

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