Client: European Environment Agency (EEA)

Co-production with European Environment Agency, Destination East Greenland and SIKU Extreme Arctic Challenge.

Ace & Ace developed and produced this 52 min documentary film, in co-production with European Environment Agency, Destination East Greenland and SIKU Extreme Arctic Challenge. The film has been in distribution by IMG World, and has been broadcast on 20+ TV-channels including France 5, one of the national channels in France.

The film has also been selected for many international film festivals, and won “The Audience Award for the Best Documentary Feature Film” at the Oxford International Film Festival, in USA.
‘Our Arctic Challenge’ is very good – great photography and a great subject – a really good way to package the issue for a different audience.
Dan Rees, Producer of BBC Frozen Planet

“Climate change is a fact. We´re experiencing some of the hottest annual temperatures on record. But where we see it most is in the Arctic. In fact we’ve seen double the global temperature average increase there.”

Follow Jacqueline McGlade as she travels through 250 kilometers of melting arctic terrain looking for signs of climate change. As the executive director of the European Environment Agency she knows the hard facts of climate change, but nowhere do you see it more clearly than in the arctic. Together with three colleagues she enrolls her team into the SIKU Extreme Arctic Challenge in the remote region of East Greenland. On the way she talks to the local inuits and find out how they adapt to a changing world.

WINNER, Oxford International Film Festival, Ohio, USA.

Quote: “Entertaining and story driven film that reach new audiences and supply credible information on climate change.“, Oxford International Film Festival:

FINALIST, Newport Beach Film festival, Los Angeles, USA.

FINALIST, Grenoble Nature and Environment Festival, France.

FINALIST, Environment Film Festival, Slovakia.

FINALIST, Global Peace Film Festival, Florida.


Executive producer: Eskil Hardt
Director: Eskil Hardt
Technical producer: Esben Hardt
Director of photography: Esben Hardt
Main camera & heli camera: Esben Hardt
Additional camera: Thomas Fink
Additional camera & Aerial Camera: Anders Agerbo
Camera assistant: Andreas Hochwimmer
Camera assistant: Tobias Reinthaler
Still photos: Erwin Reinthaler
Editor: Tom Vilhelm Jensen
Additional editor: Esben Hardt
Script & storyboard: Eskil Hardt,
Script & storyboard: Marion Hannerup,
Script & storyboard: Brendan Killean,
Script & Storyboard: Tom Vilhelm Jensen
Factual consultant: Gunnar Sander
Factual consultant: Peder Jensen
Factual consultant: Anders Stenbakken
Sound production: Brian Armstrong
Sound production: Esben Hardt
Voice over: Jacqueline McGlade

Produced in co-operation with:
European Environment Agency,
Destination East Greenland,
SIKU Extreme Arctic Challenge

Special thanks:
NUKIIT Fond from the Greenlandic Department of Industry,
Branding Greenland,
SIKU Glacier Ice Vodka,
East Coast Contractors,
The Danish Navy, Inspection Vessel HVIDBJØRNEN,
Air Greenland,
Royal Arctic Line,
Tele Greenland,
The people of Tasiilaq,
The SIKU race staff,
Andreas Ahlstrøm (GEUS),
Bent Hasholt (University of Copenhagen),
The EEA Teams and Staff