Client: European Environment Agency & UNEP

Co-production with EEA (European Environment Agency) and UNEP (United Nations Environmental Panel).

Reviewed by New York Times as “Move Over Al Gore, it could be called An Inconvenient Truth, Part 2
Ace & Ace has developed, directed and produced a one-hour TV-documentary presenting the latest science on climate change. It is an informative and inspirational documentary which offers realistic solutions and gives the reality of global warming a human face, showcasing amazing examples of individuals and communities tackling the world’s environmental problems.
The documentary has been successfully distributed to TV-channels in 35+ countries, and has been screened on 20+ film festivals around the world. 
The film is distributed by TVF International, one of the leading factual TV-doc distributors.  
The 52 min. documentary is produced in co-production with the European Environment Agency (EEA) and UNEP. 
MOONDANCE CALYPSO AWARD, Colorado Film Festival: 
This award is to encourage a spirit of enterprise in saving the environment, habitats and wildlife by creative individuals from around the world. The award is presented to the person who expands knowledge of our world, seeks to improve our quality of all life on the planet, and contributes to the betterment of humankind.
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