Client: Government of Greenland (Ministry of Environment)

Ace & Ace developed and produced this film for the Government of Greenland under the Ministry of Environment.

“Mission GREENland – For A Cleaner Future” is a a national campaign film targeted for a young audience in Greenland.

The film focuses on the importance of getting all households and industries in Greenland to separate their waste better, and how everyone needs to be involved if Greenland is to have a cleaner and greener future.

“Our goal is to keep Greenland as clean as possible – that the people cooperate more and that we Greenlanders gain a greater understanding about better management of waste. Because in the end, everything we throw out will come back to us” , says Anthon Frederiksen, Minister of environment and nature in Greenland.

The film is also included as a story in the “Environmental Atlas of Europe” which can be found here: