Client: Goes Foundation

Producer & Director: Eskil Hardt
Editor: Esben Hardt
Manus: Eskil Hardt, Howard Dryden, Diane Duncan

Ace & Ace was responsible for producing a film and communication campaign for the Scottish NGO Global Oceanic Environmental Survey (GOES).


Ace & Ace produced 3 short films that are used for media and SoMe campaigns, to create social, political and industrial change. See films below.

The GOES Foundation is taking urgent action to lead the essential sea change needed to restore plankton levels and it is this action that can address ocean acidification and global warming. GOES Foundation is a team of thinking, breathing, well-connected human beings and they believe it is possible to prevent a catastrophic collapse of life on earth, but everybody need to take decisive action over the next 10 years or it will be too late.
GOES is working worldwide to halt the poisoning of the oceans by advocating that we should all take a non-toxic approach to how we live: design out and ban all toxic chemicals, hazardous waste and plastics. By preventing toxic chemicals entering the ecosystem, society can accelerate the recovery of the plankton, health of the oceans and start absorbing more carbon dioxide out from the atmosphere.
Universal sea change requires global engagement. AND it’s easy for you to help. Whether you’re in a position of influence, sailing the oceans or you are simply eager to change a few bad buying habits and protect the world you live in, it’s time to change — go non-toxic!