Client: UNEP, EEA and ESA

Ace & Ace developed and produced a total of 25+ films for a project we called The Environmental Atlas of Europe.

The Environmental Atlas of Europe is a UNEP-EEA-ESA joint project showcasing communities responding to environmental change across Europe. The 7 min films present a series of inspirational stories about how people are responding to climate change and in so doing, transforming their lives for a more sustainable future.

From Sweden we hear about a special weather condition called Rain-on-snow, which causes great grief amongst sami reindeer herders. The thawing-freezing of the reindeer’s most beloved food, the lichen, is literally killing thousands of reindeer whose stomachs are not used to dealing with this new type of weather.

From Georgia we hear about the disappearing and reestablishing of windbreaks in the Shiraki valley, leading to desertification of a former prolific area for growing crops and vegetables.

From Italy we hear about three Italian brothers in Tuscany who are changing their family heirloom, a farm and a farmhouse factory, into a completely sustainable, biodynamic and CO2-neutral production cycle and experiencing better crops and harvests than their neighbours exhausted grounds.

And many other stories from Turkey, Spain, Italy, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Ireland, Russia and Greenland.

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