Client: YLE (National TV Finland)

Co-produced by Ace & Ace and Alan Emmins

Ace & Ace produced this film together with the author Alan Emmins, who was writing about this story for a magazine, and who had it filmed while doing the research on the ground. The film was produced for international distribution to try and help the volunteer ambulance service to gain some funding, but also to shed light over the hazardous conditions these volunteers face everyday.

This 26 min. documentary is about a volunteer ambulance service running out – sometimes on foot – to gun shootings and gang wars to treat gun-wound victims in one of the roughest areas in New York called Bed Stuy.

In this neighbourhood life is tough, and the ambulance service is both a way for some of the volunteers to stay out of crime but also to get an education within the health system. It is also a way to help the community, which has been abandoned by normal ambulances due to the risk involved by normal ambulance crews.

The film has been in distribution by TVF International for international broadcast.