Client: Eurosport

Ace & Ace produced this film for Eurosport.

Follow on an extraordinary journey into the deep rugged valleys and high-altitude mountains of Caucasus.

Skiers Graham Austick (UK) and Al De Vos (USA) wants to climb & ski off the highest mountain in Europe – Mount Elbrus – 5.603 meters above sea level, and one of the Seven Summits, the highest peak on every continent.

Training in the Adyrsu valley before the summit attempt, they come across proud Russian mountain guides and historic Russian culture. including one of the historic elite altitude camps made in the heydays of communist era. But also witnessing the devastating remnants of a gigantic avalanche/mudslide, which miraculously took no lives when it fell.

During the summiting their plans to ski down Elbrus gets further complicated when they have to engage in the rescue of a Welsh climber and help take him off the summit peak.