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Carbon friendly footprint


This is an inspiring international documentary about the municipality of Thisted in Denmark adapting to climate change. Thisted is a copybook example of local drive and initiative. Over 100% of power consumption and more than 80% of heat consumption is produced without the use of fossil fuels.

Since the early eighties Thisted has been using a creative mix of sustainable energy resources providing heating and power to their 46,000 residents.

In a world where we are continually threatened by energy shortages and rising energy prices the local production of sustainable power is the only solution. Not only is Thisted producing renewable, clean energy but the average heating bill for the residents in Thisted is 50% less that of the average heating price in Denmark and the price hasn’t risen for the past 30 years.

In recognition of their supply of renewable energy the municipality

of Thisted was awarded the European Solar Prize in 2007.

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