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Short film references


EEA & UNEP Environmental Atlas:

A production of 14 short documentaries of 5-8 min. The purpose of the

atlas stories is to visualize the environmental changes, which have

occurred in Europe through the past decades. Local communities,

companies, organizations take positive actions towards environmental

issues, both in terms of mitigation and adaptation.


Blueprint for a Carbon Neutral Future:

An 18 min. documentary about one of the world’s leading climate regions.

Located in Denmark, Thisted Municipality, produces 100% electricity and

85% heating from renewable energy resources.

Produced for national & international distribution.

Roskilde Festival:
4 daily news features of 6-9 min. for Associated Press.

Distributed to 250 TV-channels around the World by AP’s Network.

Associated Press:
Production of several short news features for Associated Press;

”Copenhagen – the leading city within environment in the world” (10 min.),

”Arctic Team Challenge” (3 min.),

”Sailing around the World alone” (2 x 3 min.)

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