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Planet RE:think nominated in Sao Paulo, Brazil!

Planet RE:think has been nominated at Ecofalante Environmental Film Festival
in the category “Best feature documentary on Economy”.

The festival runs in 7 theaters in Sao Paulo from March 20th – 27th, and will
be screening films within the categories; Cities, Countryside, Economy, Energy,
People & Places, Water Day Special.

Planet RE:think is up against 5 strong documentaries including Blackfish,
Redemption Impossible, Big Men, Cloudy Mountains and Gold Fever.

Either way, we are proud to announce that Planet RE:think is once again out
there RE:thinking our Planet!

For more information, go to:

3a Mostra Ecofalante de Cinema Ambiental – Vinheta from ESTÚDIO TEREMIM on Vimeo.

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