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Launch of Planet RE:think website!

Ace & Ace is very proud to announce that the website for our feature
documentary “Planet RE:think” is now LIVE!

The purpose of this website is to support the messages in the film by
creating an online community, where you, together with fellow RE:thinkers
can discuss and share YOUR ideas on how you think, we should RE:duce,
RE:use, RE:cycle and RE:source our way into a sustainable future.

The film was produced as a means to communicate the complicated financial
and environmental issues we face as a global community today – emphasizing
the fact that we both can and must change, if we want to overcome these
interlinked crises. The film is therefore a stepping stone to pushing the future
of our planet into a more stable and sustainable direction.
We now need your help to continue communicating the mindset and converting
the ideas of the film into action. Join our RE:thinking community today and let
us start RE:thinking a sustainable future together.

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