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Big Arctic 5

Big Arctic 5 is the name of an international campaign, which the
tourist board of Greenland launched in Denmark, as a means to boost
tourism in Greenland. The idea behind this campaign is to turn the
famous “Big Five” concept of Safari destinations in Africa into a
“Big Arctic Five”, in this way rightfully placing Greenland as one of
the world’s major adventure destinations. The actual Big Arctic 5
represent 5 unique Arctic attractions one will experience when
visiting Greenland:
Whales, northern lights, dog sledding, ice and pioneering people.
Together these Big Fives represent a contemporary, dynamic image
of Greenland as well as the amazing natural beauty the country has
to offer. Through targeted Social Media adds, catalogues and travel
magazines along with advertisements on the S-trains throughout
Denmark, the campaign has proven to have made a positive impact.
7 million banners have been exposed on news sites across Denmark,
more than 500.000 views of the Ace & Ace produced film and 5 times
more views on Visit Greenland’s homepage can be seen as a sign
that the campaign has generated an interest in Greenland.

Ace & Ace are happy to be part of this campaign, not only because of the
many years we have been traveling here on productions, but because we
truly know what a spectacular place Greenland is. To see for yourself, watch
the Ace & Ace produced film below:

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