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Press conference in Greenland on Ace & Ace film!

We have recently produced the film “Mission Greenland – For A Cleaner Future” which is about
the waste management in Greenland. The film focuses on the importance in getting all households
and industries to separate their waste better in Greenland and how everyone needs to be involved,
if Greenland is to have a cleaner and greener future. Yesterday the film was positively received at a
press conference in Greenland by the minister of environment & nature in Greenland, Anthon
Frederiksen and the executive director of the European Environment Agency, Jacqueline McGlade.
The film is going to be part of a greater national informational campaign on waste management and
will be sent out to all schools and institutions across Greenland as educational materiel. We have
produced the film in 3 languages, English, Greenlandic and Danish. Watch the version below in your
preferred language and learn about the importance of separating your waste, wherever you are in the




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