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NEW film: Tackling Food Loss and Waste

Ace & Ace has produced the film TACKLING FOOD LOSS AND WASTE for the Global Green Growth Forum (, under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The film was used for the launch of the FIRST-EVER standard for measuring and reporting Food Loss and Waste, led by World Resources Institute.


Today 1/3 of the food we produce is either lost or wasted each year. That’s 1,3 billion tons of food wasted – equal to more than half of the world’s annual cereal crop. Needless to say that this MUST change and the new standard for measuring and reporting food loss and waste will help tremendously.


The film can be viewed on or below.


Ace & Ace produced the film with the aim for social media distribution and sharing. So please share the film and spread this important message.


The 3GF 2016 summit brought together more than 300 global green-growth leaders from governments, business, finance, civil society and international organizations from developing, emerging and developed economies.

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