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Freediving with Killer Whales

For years it was a dream for free-diving world champion, Stig Severinsen, to dive with killer whales.

In the north of the Polar circle with but a mask and a snorkel Stig’s dream becomes reality, as he

explores the fascinating world of these mesmerizing creatures. Stig takes the viewers on a 45

minute unforgettable underwater journey in,“Freediving with Killer Whales”. With a Masters

degree in marine biology and zoo-physiology Stig Severinsen communicates his knowledge

of the killer whales to the viewers while experiencing their fun-loving and intelligent behavior.

He can hold his breath for more than 9 minutes resting and 3-4 minutes diving in the sea,

thus gaining the advantages of not producing bubbles and frightening the animals but instead

he is welcomed into their world.



“You have some remarkable behaviour footage there. The best I’ve seen of this event.”

Dan Rees

Producer of “Frozen Planet”

BBC Natural History Unit

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