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We have many years of experience in Ace & Ace producing documentaries

and still photography across a range of global terrain and conditions.

Our images are as diverse as our adventures from tropical rain forests

to the Arctic ice caps to desert lands and underwater whale habitats.

Ace & Ace is based in the center of Copenhagen in our own High

Definition (HD) editing studios. Two of our editing studios are stationary

and include a full HD post-production setup and the other two HD edit

setups are portable.

We take pride in always delivering stunning HD images using

various lenses (up to 1.100 mm zoom lenses), steady-cam,

cranes and dolly setups.

To fulfill our production demands we work with various freelance

specialists from all around the world. With our “equipment package”

combined with our selection of high qualified freelancers we are

capable of producing any documentary, anywhere in the world.

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