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Corporate film references

Visit Greenland:
Production of a 5 min. film called “The Arctic 5” about Greenland.

Production of a 5 min. film for The Danish Architecture Centre as part
of their exhibition at the Architectual Biennale in Venice 2012.

Crossfit Regionals for ESPN
A co-production with StrangeFishFilms of 18 short films of 3 min. covering
the Regional Crossfit Games in Ballerup Arena, Denmark for ESPN in the US.


Audi A5 Release:
Production of a 5 min. film presenting the Audi A5.

Audi Q7 Van:
Production of a 3 min. film presenting the 4WD Audi Q7 Van.

Audi Q7 Preview:
Production of a 3 min. event film for the launch of the 4WD Audi Q7 in Denmark.

Audi A6 Avant premiere:
Production of a 3 min. event film for the launch of the Audi A6 Avant
2005 at the ”Museum of Modern Art” in Denmark.

Audi Nordic Open:
A 7 min. promotional film documenting Audi and their activities
related to their role as the main sponsor at the Nordic Open in
Denmark, a golf tournament in the European Tour competition.

Audi Driving Experience:
Production of a 5 min. promotional film about Audi’s driving
experience courses.

Audi Masters:

Production of a 5 min. promotional film on Audi’s professional

golf tournament for amateurs.

Audi I Robot:
A 2 min. promotional film documenting Audi’s sponsorship in the
Hollywood movie “I Robot” with Will Smith, with their futuristic
car the Audi RSQ.



Carlsberg Cup:
A production of a 90 seconds promotional film about an external
Carlsberg football tournament promoting Carlsberg in Denmark
with the  participation of more than 500 teams.

Carlsberg on skis in St. Anton:
A 2 min. film production called  ”Carlsberg on Skis”, which was used
in connection with the preparation and planning of Carlsberg as
one of the main sponsors at the Alpine Skiing World Cup 2001 in
St. Anton, Austria.

Powder Play:
A production of 2 min. film on ”Carlsberg in St. Anton”, which was
used on Carlsberg’s website, at public performances in St. Anton
and on Swiss Air Inflight videos.

Production of a 2 min. film on ”Carlsberg Heliskiing”, which was
used on Carlsberg’s website, at public performances in St. Anton
and on Swiss Air Inflight video.

Carlsberg Pub Cup:
Production of a 4, 7 and 13 min. promotional film on the
international football tournament for pubs, “Carlsberg Pub Cup”.
The film covered the finals at the international stadium,
Ullevi Stadium, in Gøteborg, Sweden. The film was used to
promote the tournament in new countries.

Carlsberg Malaysian Open:
Production of a 1 min. promotional film about Carlsberg’s professional
golf tournament, Malaysian Open. It was produced for an internal
Carlsberg conference, and was used by the International Marketing
Manager of Carlsberg, Keld Strudahl, in connection with the
presentation of the core marketing areas for Carlsberg.


Greenland Tourism

Greenland – be a Pinoneer:
A 5 min. marketing film about Greenland as a tourist destination.
It won an award at the 2011 Golden Gate Festival in Berlin.

Greenland Winter: 1 min. film presenting Greenland in winter.

Greenland Summer: 1 min. film presenting Greenland in summer.

Greenland Exploration: A 15 min. promotional film about what to explore in Greenland.


Hewlett Packard

A HP H.C.Andersen fairytale:
Production of a 7 min. promotional film, re-written H.C.Andersen fairytale
customized to the values of HP Service. Used in connection with showings
in cinemas at the premiere of the film ”Young Andersen”. The film is used
internally and externally.

Hells Pirates: A 6 min. film produced for internal use, about the strategy of Hewlett Packard.



Citrus processing at Schweppes factory in Valencia:
A production of a 2 min. sales film presenting the new Schweppes
product of 2007, Caribéz.


Greenland Mining Services

Production of a 5 min. corporate film, selling GMS as the leading
logistics company within mining in Greenland.


Copenhagen County

City of Cyclists:
A production of a 22 min. English informational film about the
active cycle policy of Copenhagen County. The video was produced
for the Mayor of Building and Constructional Administration.
Additionally a 21 min. Danish version was produced.



CityMail FF09: A production of a 13 min. film promoting the internal
employee event – CityMail FF09.

CityMail FF08: A production of 2 different films of 5 a 8 min. promoting
the internal employee event – CityMail FF08.

CityMail Cup: A production of an 11 min. film on CityMail Cup,
an internal football tournament with the participation of more than 350 people.

Citymail breaks post monopoly: A 2 min film about Citymail going live,
breaking the Danish state post monopoly for the first time in 380 years.

Citymail & Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen: A production
of a film in connection with Citymail job expo, when recruiting new employees,
including a visit by former Prime Minister of Denmark, Anders Fogh Rasmussen,
plus an interview with him regarding the successful Citymail initiative.


Danish Yacht

Day Boat: A 3 min. film about the super yacht “Day Boat”, which is in production.

Moon Goddess: Production of a 2 min. English film about the latest 115 feet
super yacht built by the international recognized ship yard “Danish Yacht”.


Destination East Greenland

Destination East Greenland DVD:

A DVD produced for the Tourist Board of East Greenland. The DVD presents
what this unique location has to offer. It includes a 5 minute tourist film with a
picture slideshow, general information about East Greenland and a 26 min.

English film about the Arctic Team Challenge race.


Pihl A/S

Teambuilding: A 28 min. film about a Teambuilding process for five employees
at the engineering company Pihl, which worldwide has more than 600 employees.
The team participates in an adventure race in East Greenland.


Air Greenland

Arctic Team Challenge: Production of an 8 min. inflight video about
Arctic Team Challenge, an adventure race event taking place in East Greenland.
It is shown on all international routes of Greenland Air.


Sabroe Selection

Company profile: Production of a DVD including 5 films that present
the business values of the job recruiting company, Sabroe Selection.



AT Kearney Cup: A production of a 5 min. promotional film on the
AT Kearney Cup, the Danish Championships in Match race sailing.
The film presents the business values of the consultant company
AT Kearney, which possesses similar values needed for top sailing.


Traffic instruction:

Production of films for an instructional driving
license company, (


Music Video ”Shorts & Shades”
”Neil Brophy Band”. Production of a Music video; ”Shorts & Shades”.
3½ min. Additionally ran as an add for the CD on  the Danish national
TV station for TV2 Denmark, June 2003.

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