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An eye-awakening production about the vast melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Ace & Ace is currently producing a film about “The Accelerating Melt of the Greenland Ice Sheet”, which is now happening with horrific speed. The latest data show that the net loss of mass from the Greenland Ice Sheet is accelerating, much faster than predicted by the International Panel of Climate Change. Last year alone there were 50 more melting days on the Greenland ice sheet than on average, meaning we now see an average net loss of ice mass of 200 gigatons per year – a level that is four times higher than just back in the year 2000. To give an idea of the numbers, the increased melting is equivalent to twice the volume of all the ice in the whole of the European Alps, and it’s melting every single year! The accelerated melting means that by the end of this century, we will have a 90 centimeters global sea level rise compared to 16 centimeters predicted just three years ago, and this is at the low end of the global sea level rise we can expect.

Our film will present, not only spectacular visual evidence of the melting ice, but also interviews with some of the world’s top-scientists and researchers within Arctic climatology, explaining their current findings and results in the Arctic.

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