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Ace & Ace produces for Discovery Channel Europe!

Ace & Ace has together with English production company Back2Back, produced “The Man Who Doesn’t Breathe”,
a 2 x 60 minutes series for Discovery Channel Europe. “The Man Who Doesn’t Breathe” features four-time Danish
World Champion freediver, Stig Åvall Severinsen, as he attempts to break a handful of superhuman world records
including attempting to accomplish ‘the longest dive under ice’, on a single breath of air in the sub-zero waters
of Greenland. In a wetsuit he submerges himself underneath one metre thick ice, to swim 500ft (152.4mtrs), the
equivalent of one and a half football pitches. He also makes the attempt to swim the longest distance under ice,
without a wetsuit, only wearing his swimming trunks! As the series clearly will show, Stig’s hunger for pushing
his limits are endless. With his never-ending wonderlust, Stig leaves Greenland and dives into the warm waters of
Cuba, but it is no ordinary beach holiday. Stig jumps fearlessly into Cuba’s unspoilt reefs, freediving with sharks
and crocodiles.
From Greenland to Cuba, Stig returns to his home town of Aarhus in Denmark, where he attempts to be the first
man on earth to hold his breath underwater for more than 22 minutes. You are probably asking yourself, are all
these challenges humanly possible? Tune in and find out for yourself on; Discovery in Denmark, Sweden, Norway
and Finland on October 20th at 22:00 and on Discovery’s UK Channel, Quest on October 30th.
In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of “The Man Who Doesn’t Breathe”:

The Man Who Doesn’t Breathe (HD) from aceandace on Vimeo.

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