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Ace & Ace on the Ecology Global Network Channel!

Each week, a new Environmental Atlas film will be shown on the global network of

Over the next couple of months, the films will be broadcasted in the following order:

1. City bees – Species
2. Carbon farmers – Earth & sustainability
3. The turtle and the tourist – Endangered species
4. Ecology of wine – Earth & agriculture
5. Power to the people – Energy & energy use
6. Ice road – Earth & ecosystems
7. Windbreaks – Earth & land use
8. A forest built on coal – Human impact
9. Floating cities – Urban issues
10. City of five seas – Urban issues with focus on sea level rise
11. EcoVillage – Human activism
12. A day in my forest – Species, plants and forests
13. Natural cork – Earth & sustainability
14. Swedish forestry model – Earth & natural resources

The Ecology Global Network is a multimedia-based platform dedicated to communicating,
educating and inspiring the global community to respect, restore and protect nature
and the environment.

To view the first film go to:

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