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Film references

Planet RE:think
An 85 min cinematic feature documentary about our misuse and growing
dependence on natural resources for new technology. Planet RE:think
investigates where we are failing and gives hope to a future on a planet
with finite resources.
Premiered in Rio de Janeiro at the “Rio + 20 Global Climate Summit” in 2012.
In international distribution by LevelK Sales.


A Taste of Greenland:

5 x 52 / 10 x 26 min. International travel/cooking TV-series.
( Currently 4 x 52 / 8 x 26 min. are produced. ) The celebrity-chef Chris
Coubrough finds a wealth of new culinary inspiration on an exciting
gastronomic journey through Greenland.
In international distribution by TVF International.


One Degree Matters:
A 52 / 57 min. international documentary on climate change. An exclusive
group of influential leaders from business and society travel to the Arctic
to witness climate change first hand. The group of entrepreneurs show
a path needed for action, and present how it is possible to implement
new and sustainable solutions, given that now even 1 degree matters.
Premiered in December 2009. In international distribution by TVF International.


Our Arctic Challenge:
A 52 min. international documentary about global warming and climate
adaptation in the Arctic. Produced in cooperation with the European
Environmental Agency. The film is in distribution by IMG World.


Freediving with Killer Whales:
A 26 & 45 min. documentary about one of the world’s best freedivers,
Stig Aavall Severinsen, freediving with Killer Whales in Norway.
Produced in English for the international TV-market. In international
distribution by TVF International.


Fish & Sushi – Argentina:
A 6 x 28 min. travel/cooking/fishing documentary series from Argentina.
Produced for Danish National TV, DR2.

Fish & Sushi – Australia (Cape York):
3 x 28 min. TV-series produced for the Danish National Television station, DR2.
The flyfishing expert, Dan Karby, goes on a wild fishing adventure to the far north
of Australia with his mate, the sushi-chef Sebastian Jørgensen. Together with the
local bushman Neil Newton, Dan hauls in the exotic fish of Cape York, which
Sebastian then transforms into amazing sushi on the beach.


Fish & Sushi – Australia (Great Barrier Reef):
2 x 28 min. produced for Danish National Television, DR2. The “Flyfisher & Sushi chef”
team continue to the Great Barrier Reef, where they flyfish from the tropical Fitzroy
Island and from a luxury cruiser right at the remote reef.


Roskilde Festival:
A 52 min. international documentary. The program features concerts
with 17 bands. Distributed by one of the leading music distribution

companies, 3DD Entertainment in London.


Bed Stuy – do or die:
A 26 min. documentary about a volunteer ambulance call service
in one of the roughest areas in New York, Bed Stuy.
Distributed by Danmarks Radio TV-International.


Skiing above the Icebergs:
A 52 min. international documentary about a ski expedition to East Greenland.
Sold to a number of countries and won several international film awards – 1997.


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